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The Joshua Project began reaching out to the lost and dying children of Romania in 1999. "Lost" because they did not know Jesus, and "Dying" because they'd been infected with HIV/AIDS through the country's poorly managed health system.


Since its first day, the Joshua Project has ministered to thousands as the disease spread and continues to do to this day. But in the face of such suffering and despair, there is HOPE. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is the only answer to their questions of eternity and He is the very heart of the JP Ministry.


Within the Joshua Project, there are many avenues we use to bring relief and build relationships with those we serve. By God's grace, we will share His love and His Gospel with every Romanian infected with HIV/AIDS.


The great majority of Romania views those living with HIV as dangerous, unclean or already dead. More often than not, these dear ones we serve face rejection, persecution and abuse from their countrymen because of their disease. Contrarily, we love and serve them because no one else will. Jesus saw fit to share His compassion for them and we are forever grateful.

Why can't we share pictures with you?

HIV/AIDS is usually undetectable with the naked eye so the trust we have built with this flock depends heavily on our keeping their status confidential.

Just as a member of witness protection in The United States would be at risk should his picture and associations appear online or in social media, so too would a member of our fold.


We wish we could share their beautiful faces with you but thank you for understanding why we cannot.

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