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Along with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Communism in Romania collapsed. The world rejoiced in witnessing Romania’s shackles falling off and poured humanitarian aid into the country, sending food, clothing, and much needed medical supplies. Among those supplies were blood products to be used in hospitals, clinics and orphanages to treat malnourishment. Sadly, the blood was not screened properly and what should have saved many lives instead, ended up infecting the defenseless with HIV.

Ten years later, through a true sign of God's great timing, two women – Tresha McKnight and Claudia Udrea – met in a tram stop in Timisoara, Romania. Little did they know, their first meeting would be the start of the biggest adventure of their lives. Together, they began visiting children infected with HIV/AIDS. The children were otherwise neglected, abused and abandoned in hospitals where they lived at the mercy of staff workers who had no incentive to care for them.


Out of the deplorable conditions in these hospitals, Joshua Project World Ministries (JPWM) was born. By God’s grace, in the years since Tresha and Claudia first met, JPWM has ministered to children, young adults, and the families of those LIVING with HIV/AIDS. Though many whom the Joshua Project has served have died to this world, almost all of them were confident in their eternal home. Through meeting the practical needs of these precious souls, JPWM has continually demonstrated Jesus’ love for them, giving them a glimpse of the One who can ultimately relieve them of their pain and suffering. To serve is a privilege and our goal is to reach each and every heart with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What the enemy intended for evil, the Father will use for His glory, bringing His children home, one heart at a time. 

The team at Joshua Project World Ministries comes from all over the globe but are in Romania for a singular purpose…to completely sell out our lives for the One who is worthy…our Saviour! They have listened to the call and are following what the Lord has for them in Romania one day at a time. We have heard and responded to His cry for Romania. What could he have for you here? Why not join us nad make an eternal investment in the lives of the kids and families LIVING with HIV/AIDS.

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God Bless,

Joshua Project World Ministries Team


Project Directors


TONY & CLAUDIA UDREA   Project Coordinators



The team at Joshua Project World Ministries includes two continents, three countries, and a unique dynamic of cultures, backgrounds, and education. What really separates us from other HIV/AIDS ministries is our love for those fighting to live, and our desire for them to meet the One who will truly show them how to live, Jesus Christ.

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